Signaturit is a trust service provider that offers innovative solutions in the field of electronic signatures (eSignatures), certified registered delivery (eDelivery) and electronic identification (EID). All of them are in accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014, known as eIDAS. as well as with the US laws E-SIGN and UETA Acts.

  • Electronic Signature - Send and sign documents legally.
    Send signature requests and sign contracts and documents from any device - desktop, tablet, mobile - with full legal validity. No application is needed to sign.

  • Certified Registered Delivery - Send documents securely.
    Certify the sending, receiving and opening of an email or SMS, as well as that of any accompanying documentation.

  • Electronic Identification - Secure authentication.
    Scanning and reading passports and identity documents. Our system is based on OCR technology and MRZ code.

With thousands of customers in more than 40 countries, companies that use our trust services improve efficiency in their processes by streamlining many daily transactions, internal and with third parties.

The legal and regulatory compliance of all electronic transactions made through Signaturit is guaranteed, since all of our services comply with the law governing trust services in the EU, eIDAS Regulation.

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